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Reiki Training

Reiki training takes place in the log cabin and we cover all levels from 1st Degree up to Master/Teacher level.

Courses dates are by arrangement and can be weekends if required.

Classes are small groups of no more than four and 1 to 1 training is always available for that extra attention.

At Reiki I (Shoden) you will be introduced to the energies,  given some of the history of Reiki and taught the hand positions for treating yourself and for treating others.  You will be taught a simple cleansing meditation and a wonderful daily self treatment meditation. You will learn how this universal energy can help you and your friends in your life today.

At Reiki II (Okuden) you are introduced to more energies and the sacred Reiki symbols and taught how to use each of them, this also includes the distant healing symbol which had many uses as you will discover yourself.  You will learn the difference between two Reiki energies and when to select which one you should use. Reiki II qualifies you as a practitioner and is insurable.  Guidance will be included in this course on how to set up your own practice should you wish to do so.

The Reiki Master Teacher (Shinpiden) course brings in additional energies and tools for Reiki such as the Usui and Tibetan Master symbols together with a few additional useful non Reiki symbols.  This gives us the opportunity to work with new energies and to use these in our practice.  As a Reiki Master Teacher you will be able to spread the ability to use Reiki yourself.

Comprehensive manuals, multi-media and certificates provided for all courses.  See samples below.

Whichever path you choose you will always be welcome and we will be pleased to assist you along your journey.

Course duration and fees (includes home study time)

(Shoden) – Reiki I     2 days £150

(Okuden) – Reiki II     2 days £180

(Shinpiden) – Reiki Master/Teacher please call

Reiki Master/Teacher is Reiki 3a and 3b combined using the Original Reiki System.


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