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Reiki Shares

Reiki Share Bedfordshire

We run two Reiki Shares each month.  See the homepage for details of which day.

All Reiki practitioners from any lineage are welcome and those interested in training in Reiki should call to discuss as we often invite Reiki students as well.

Opening the doors at 7:15pm we like to get started at 7:30pm and we aim to complete about 9:30pm for the evening share and the daytime share is from 10:30am until 12:30pm.

Format is simple, we introduce ourselves to one another and share any news we have.  Then we each choose a guidance card and explain it’s meaning for us at that moment.

We then share in a guided meditation to get us in the mood for a healing exchange. During this time I provide Reiju Empowerments to everyone.

Then depending on numbers we set up either one or two couches and share Reiki with everyone.

Normally this is followed by a short distant healing session and then the close after which we all depart on a nice Reiki High!

Charge £5 per person


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