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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage whether you are three months or nine months, pre natal or post natal, this is one of the most relaxing holistic therapies John provides at The Log Cabin.

Pregnancy, childbirth and new-parenthood are some of the biggest changes a woman can go through in her life-time. It is a wonderful time, if we get the chance to think about it.

During pregnancy, as a woman supplies the nutrients and life-force that create a new human being, her body is working flat-out.  Throughout childbirth, the incredible mechanisms that are in place in almost every woman to ensure a safe and healthy delivery, work their magic. And afterwards, when the relatives bearing gifts and the friends with good and not-so-good advice, have gone home and a woman is left alone with her baby, there is an opportunity to reflect on the truly incredible events.

Many women report not only physical changes, but emotional and spiritual changes as well. This is an ideal time to begin (or, indeed, continue!) to enjoy the benefits of holistic treatments.

How can massage help?
On a physical level it can help to:
• Ease and support an aching back.
• Soothe swollen legs and disperse fluid retention.
• Boost energy levels and relieve fatigue.
• Lessen the experience of morning sickness.
• Improve circulation and enhance blood flow to the womb.
• Calm and regulate a stressed digestive system.
• Strengthen the urinary tract and pelvic floor muscles.
• Encourage a healthy and strong internal environment for the baby to grow in.
• Promote homeostasis, or balance, when all bodily systems are working harmoniously.
• Prepare your body for the journey of childbirth.

On a psychological and spiritual level it can help to:
• Promote a wonderful sense of well-being.
• Empower you in your decisions.
• Access your strength, wisdom and courage.
• Form a strong and lasting bond between you and your baby.
• Find peace and tranquility.
• Ease fears and anxiety about birth and motherhood.
• Regulate your hormones and calm emotional imbalances.
• Open the doors to further emotional and spiritual growth.

What to expect: Your needs change throughout your pregnancy as your bump grows. For this reason, pregnancy massage is adapted according to these changes. I have a wide, comfortable couch and use plenty of support pillows to ensure you remain comfortable throughout your treatment. When you first come for a massage we will talk through your individual needs and work out what would be best for you.

Massage is not recommended during the first trimester but please feel free to contact me for more information at this time.
Every woman’s experience of pregnancy and birth is truly unique which is why every treatment is tailored to the individual.

Be spoiled by the comfort of our memory foam couch, our exquisite lightly scented massage waxes and the warmth of the wood burning stove to create a relaxed haven you can escape to and spend some ‘you-time’ relaxing.  Your body has worked hard, you deserve to take time out to look after it.

The Pregnancy Massage is the same price as a Holistic Massage £40 so pick up the phone and book your therapy today.  Additionally for that extra special treatment John can provide you with a two hour pamper treatment by adding both an Indian Head Massage and a short Reiki treatment for a total charge of £60, this is something not to be missed.