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Natural Rejuvenation Facelift Massage

Face feeling a bit lower than you would prefer? Thinking about surgery! Try this first, you may find that with this combination of acupressure and massage techniques working on all areas of you face and neck the improvements are so significant you can just spend your surgery money on a great holiday instead!
This treatment is totally product free, simply the therapists hands are used over the one hour duration of the treatment to both stimulate the skin and the underlying muscles and pressure points to have you leaving with a face you will be proud of.
It helps relieve deep facial tension and so frees constricted facial muscles, increasing the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients, thereby also improving the complexion.
It is suggested that any makeup be removed before arriving for your treatment and recommended that a course of regular treatments be undertaken to maximise the benefit and then reduce to a monthly maintenance routine.
This treatment lasts an hour and the cost is £35