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Holistic Massage

Here in The Log Cabin John provides many forms of massage, including a traditional Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Holistic Massage or the amazing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage.  Holistic Massage is tailored to your own requirements following your consultation and can be a full body massage focused on the back and shoulder area as that is where many people hold their tension, or a Colon Therapy Massage which involves a full body massage followed by an external colon massage (basically through the tummy), this treatment is very good for someone with a sluggish digestive system and enables you to get things moving again, or a Pregnancy Massage for either pre or post natal mums.

Holistic Massage has been practised in one form or other for between three and four thousand years.  The modern style of massage was devised by Henrik Ling from Sweden which was based on physiology and formalised by a number of movements and techniques, many of which are still used today in Holistic Massage.

The massage medium employed for most forms of treatment is Tui Massage Wax.  After many years of research we have found that this scented wax makes the perfect medium for performing a massage, it provides good contact, is moisturising, relatively non staining (unlike oils!), non dripping, and also smells great as it consists of beeswax and natural essential oils.  This is why we have a selection of waxes available for massage treatments and will select one most suited to you during your consultation.  Although the Tui Wax costs more than standard oils we think the benefits easily outweigh the costs, and it is better for you, the client!

What happens?  After an initial consultation you will be left with instructions on how to lay on the couch and to cover yourself with the towels provided after you have undressed.  During the treatment towels will be used to keep you covered to preserve modesty and to ensure you are kept warm and the therapist will ask about pressure etc to ensure that you are comfortable and can derive the greatest benefit from the massage.  At the end of the treatment the therapist will leave you to rest and give you ample time get dressed again before  returning with a refreshing glass of water for you.  This gives plenty of time for you to pay and to book your next appointment before you depart feeling refreshed to enjoy the rest of your day.

Full body Holistic Massage takes about an hour and a quarter and costs £40.

Back neck and shoulders Holistic Massage takes about three quarters of an hour and costs £30.

Note: your first visit will also require a full consultation for which you should allow another 15 minutes when deciding to book.  This enables the therapist to tailor the massage treatment to suit your needs.

Couch ready for Holistic Massage

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