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Distant Reiki Tuesday – April 16th

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Distant Reiki List.

On April 16th, Tuesday evening at 9:00pm (BST) I am sending distant Reiki to all whose names appear in this post.  Either comment or use the contact method to email me if you prefer.

Feel free to include the names of loved ones as well as yourselves.

What will happen?
At 9:00pm this evening, try to find a quiet space, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes, relax your breathing and let your mind be still.
I will begin sending Reiki at 9:00 pm and continue for about 20 minutes.
What will I feel?
Anything really, some people experience nothing, but the Reiki will still do whatever your body needs it to do, others may see colours, lights, feel warmth or a draught, tingling hands or feet, pins & needles.
There’s no right answer or no wrong answer, just go with it and feel the Reiki energy flow through your body and enjoy the experience
When finished, have a glass of water to ground yourself and have a peaceful night sleep.


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