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Next Shoden (Reiki I) Course July 2019


Our next Shoden (Reiki I) course will be held in The Log Cabin in July 2019, places are still available.  The following Shoden course will be in September 2019. Closing date is 21st June to enable you to complete the 8 hours easy home study before the live course.

Call John to arrange your training materials and to pick the date for your first step into Japanese style Reiki or to discuss moving on from your current training level.

What is Reiki?
Come and join me in The Log Cabin for a wonderful introduction to Usui’s System which has become known as Reiki and find out for yourself.
Learn how to cleanse your energy, meditate simply and instantly and how to self treat with Reiki using the simplest methods. Learn how to apply this wonderful relaxing technique to family, friends and pets and embrace it into your way of life.

Limited numbers only for this personal journey.

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