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Welcome to The Log Cabin in Barton Le Clay

Hello! Welcome to The Log Cabin, please feel free to browse around as there’s lots of information on here and you are welcome to make further enquiries via the contact page.

Barton is between London and Milton Keynes not far from the Luton to Bedford rail link, just off the A6.
You can also Like us on Facebook. ’The Log Cabin (Barton)’ should help you find us! And do check back often for updates.

Best wishes … John and Hayley

April 25, 2014
by Manager

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April 25, 2014
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A few more reasons why massage is good for you.

This is an interesting article naming a few benefits of regular massage. Have you booked your next one?

February 24, 2013
by Manager

Next Shoden (Reiki I) Course November 2015

Our next Shoden (Reiki I) course will be held in The Log Cabin in November 2015, places are still available.  The following Shoden course will be in February 2016. Closing date is 5th November to enable you to complete the 8 hours easy home study before the live course.

Call John to arrange your training materials and to pick the date for your first step into Japanese style Reiki or to discuss moving on from your current training level.

What is Reiki?
Come and join me in The Log Cabin for a wonderful introduction to Usui’s System which has become known as Reiki and find out for yourself.
Learn how to cleanse your energy, meditate simply and instantly and how to self treat with Reiki using the simplest methods. Learn how to apply this wonderful relaxing technique to family, friends and pets and embrace it into your way of life.

Limited numbers only for this personal journey.

January 1, 2013
by Manager

Next Reiki Share – November 10th 2015

Our next Reiki Share will be in November 2015  the daytime one on the 10th at 10:30am and the evening one at 7:30pm on Wednesday 11th all are welcome.  Doors open at 15 minutes before start times to give everyone a chance to settle in before we get started.

We shall be doing Hatsurei Ho meditation followed by giving Reiju Empowerments as usual and then sharing couch based treatments.

Anyone who would like to purchase a copy of the meditation CD, please ask.

  • December dates for Reiki Share will be Tuesday 8th December for the daytime share and Wednesday 9th December for the evening one.

January 7, 2012
by Manager

Watch This Space – Meditation and Protection

Here at The Log Cabin we are running some exciting new workshops. We are running one on The Human Energy Field and Protection and are planning one on meditation.  If you are interested let us know and in which ones.

More details will follow!

Stop Press!!

Meditation workshop starts on Friday 13th March

If you are interested in joining the Meditation workshop, please sign up here 

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